Meet Russ Bray


Russ entered the staffing business after obtaining a business degree and spending 8 years in the corporate world including 5 years in information technology. He joined a company called Availability, Inc. in Tampa, FL. It was a great time to work in the IT sector and Availability, Inc. helped many Tampa companies staff their first data center. They also had a good mentoring team and provided training as well as encouraged attending local IT meetings. Connect on LinkedIn.

He obtained a CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) in 1987 and branched out into aerospace and defense recruiting as well as contracting. Russ stayed with them until they closed in 2006.

Around 2011 he decided the change his focus. “IT and aerospace / defense seemed to be struggling and I was getting a bit tired of it. There was a big demand in our recruiting network (NPAWorldwide) for chemical engineering and other manufacturing related jobs, so I decided to focus in that sector. It turned out to be a good move.

NPAworldwide-MemberIn addition to his recruiting duties Russ has always been a pro-active member of NPAWorldwide. He served on the Board of Directors on two different occasions and chaired the Systems & Products Committee during that time. “Serving on the Board was a real eye opener. When you start talking directly to different owners you realize there are many ways to operate a successful recruiting practice.”

On a personal note, Russ has two grown children, Kevin and Amanda. They both love basketball and still play with pals they have grown up with. We all love Tampa and just have not strayed that far away. Kevin works for the local electric utility and builds and maintains fiber optic networks. Amanda and her husband have a couple of acres outside of Tampa where they raise horses and a slew of other animals. She has a degree in veterinary medicine and is also a Nurse and works in assisted living. Her husband, Mike, is a police officer for the city of Tampa.

Russ likes to play golf, tennis, and fish. He feels lucky to live in Florida and to be able to do these year-round. “I do still enjoy working in the recruiting business and helping people achieve their goals.”

Manufacturing and chemical engineering positions in the United States
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