Your open position is a critical one that you need to fill in a timely fashion. You have decided contingency search is the method to use. You only pay once the staffing company has successfully located a candidate for you. There are plenty of firms that meet that criteria so why choose Southern Recruiting Solutions?

  • Russ Bray – A professional recruiter with over 25 years of experience working for Florida employers.
  • A Certified Professional Consultant since 1987 – Knowledgeable, Ethical and Resourceful
  • A member of a NPA, a global network of staffing firms on 6 continents
  • A lengthy track record of successful professional placements
  • A history of finding candidates that help your company grow; not just a short-term fix.

What can you do to help us with your search?

  • Make sure you have exhausted all internal candidates before going “outside” and listing a search with us.
  • Have a well defined job description with “must haves” as well as “nice to haves”. Do you include “must haves” that a new employee can probably learn in 2-3 months? Typically, all searches that are given to a recruiter are difficult ones. Try not to make it too difficult or impossible to fill.
  • Make sure you can list your search with a staffing company. Nothing is worse than going through all the work only to find out you need “one more signature”.
  • Are your search parameters realistic? Is there a “local” talent pool to draw from or will you have to consider relocation? Is the salary range reasonable? Usually a recruiter can help you answer these questions.
  • Make sure the people necessary for an interview will be available. If someone is going on a business trip for two weeks is there another employee to back him up?
  • Provide honest feedback on interviews in a timely fashion.
  • Let us present an offer or at least “run” the offer by the candidate before officially extending it. This can help you avoid “I will have to think about it”.



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